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Yes, we have an office in the library called Interlibrary Services that borrows books, chapters, articles and other items from libraries when we don't have the book ourselves.  You can find ILS online at:

First, enter your Portal ID.  If this is your first time using ILS, you will be prompted to enter your name, student ID number, and other information.  You only have to enter this info once -- from that point on, the ILS office will recognize your Portal ID.


Following that step, click the request a book option in the left side navigation.  Enter the book's publication information (title, author, publication date, etc), and ILS will get the book for you.  It generally takes three to five days.

Additionally, if you need to look for books the library does not own or look up any of the book's publication information, you can do so by searching the Worldcat catalog:


Requesting articles that the library does not own is also possible through Interlibrary Services.  To request an article click request an article option on the left side navigation.  Enter the article's publication information and ILS will request the article for you.  The article will arrive electronically (PDF) and you can retrieve it by logging back into the ILS system (  Depending on where the article comes from it will take 1-5 business days to get the article to you.


Occasionally the Meriam Library is charged a fee for receiving items from other libraries.  A portion of this cost is passed on to you, the patron.  For books the fee is $10 for articles it is $5.  THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO EVERY ILS REQUEST, ONLY FOR CERTAIN REQUESTS.   If you are willing to pay the fee, if there is one, put "yes" in the notes field.  If you do not want to pay put "no" in the notes field.  If you requests has a fee associated with it and you stated "no" you will receive an email informing you that your request did have a fee and it was therefore cancelled.  You can resubmit the request with a "yes" in the notes field and the request will be reprocessed for the fee. 

Additional Information

More information about ILS can be found at:

Contact Information:

First Floor : (530) 898-6479 :